Jazz Club Bacchus

Bacchus is a very small, funky jazz cellar in which some jazz sessions take place. No doubt the most 'local' jazz hang out in entire Zagreb.

It is about 20 minutes walk from the host school. The entrance in on one of the main avenues. Once you have entered the beaten up door and walked through the small corridor, a cosy little square is in front of you. To the right are the steep stairs to the cellar.

Inside maybe 40 seats are available. The arched ceiling is just what you expect of what a jazz cellar should be. The acoustics are pretty good, as long as the amps are not crancked up to the max by those who prefer volume over content, and the drummer has good ears.

Friendly volonteers run the place. It is sometimes hard to get their attention. Drinks are cheap and taste cheap but the beer is cold, most of the times. The atmosphere is super friendly and one you will never froget in your life. This is jazz in Zagreb!

Jazz Club Bacchus, Trg Kralja Tomislava 16, Zagreb