Who participates?

Over 100 top level jazz students, teachers and heads of jazz departments of the best jazz schools from all over the world are participating.


What happens?

Performances, workshops, jam sessions, masterclasses, lectures. Professional recordings and live-streaming of student concerts.


What will it bring?

Live-changing experiences for students, expanding international contacts for teachers, latest developments in jazz education for heads of departments.


IASJ logoInternational Association of Schools of Jazz

...connecting jazz worldwide...



  • participate in IASJ Jazz Meetings
  • connect to jazz and jazz education world wide
  • visible to international students
  • students buiding up an international network
  • teachers expanding their international visions
  • knowing what is new in jazz

Yes, I join the IASJ now!

newlogo100px The International Association of Schools of Jazz

...connection jazz world wide...

The 29th IASJ Jazz Meeting, Zagreb, Croatia

The 2019 IASJ Jazz Meeting brings together over 100 students, teachers and heads of jazz departments from all over the world. Six student combos rehearse and are coached by top level teacehrs. The combos perform at the end of the week in the concert hall of the Music Academy. Teachers perform in a special concert, conduct combos, lead master classes and participate in discussions. Jam session take place in The Comtessa, an excellent jazz club in the center of Zagreb.

Networking is an important aspect of IASJ Jazz Meetings. Students build up a life-long international network. For students the meeting is a life-changing experience. Teachers expand their international network and form groups that perform throughout the year. Heads of departments share their insights and knowledge and develop new visions on jazz education.