2019 IASJ Jazz Meeting Zagreb, Croatia, Final Concert 5 July 2019

Group 5: Out of the Kitchen

Peter Moc, Ireland
Carlos Rueda, Spain

Set list
Odds against, Lovisa Lidgren, Sweden
Not really sure what your name this yet, Alex Quinn, USA
Birds fly out, Eunice Barbosa, Portugal
Beautiful fall day, Clifford Cameron, USA
Noble Fiction, Clifford Cameron, USA
Hide the paint Harold, Arthur Heurtebise, France

Out of the Kitchen

Vocals: Lovisa Lidgren, Fridhems Folk High School, Sweden
Violin: Arthur Heurtebise, CMDL, France
Trumpet: Alex Quinn, NEC, USA
Saxophone: Eunice Barbosa, HCP, Portugal
Piano: Clifford Cameron, The New School, USA
Bass: Robin Jermer, UMPAM, Germany
Drums: Samuel Santasärkkä, Sibelius Academy, Finland

(2nd group, combo 5, 2st final concert, Lisinski Theater, Zagreb, 5th of July 2019)